Characteristic of the latest work of Elesander Senterra is the repetition of his drawn and painted   motifs.  Senterra combines traditional techniques of painting with the creative potential of new technologies, which allows  a visual artwork to be composed like a piece of music.  He mixes his sketches with his fotographic art on the computer and prints the result on canvas, aluminium or acrylic glass . In his most recent work, Senterra leaves more and more traditional composition and figurative depicture (though always present as sensual elements) and bases his artworks on mathematical structures - the result are "magic patterns".


"I really like and have studied classical art and I believe that we have to find a way to transport the great concepts of  artists in the past into our time. By doing this, I create an experience that can be  compared to time-travel. You are in different places and times in the same moment.

This special awareness  gives rise to the development of a consciousness of consistent, fashion&trend-independent values." (E.Senterra)



Senterra has had wide-ranging experience of creating portraits - be it of celebrities or commissioned works for private individuals.

"I love people. I believe in the beauty of nature and - despite the cruelties people do to others - I believe that it is possible to create a wonderful world. Deep in the heart of everyone there is love." (E.Senterra)