New York 2008
New York 2008

France, 2018

Born 1966 in Vienna, Austria.


1983 Académie Libre Des Beaux Arts, Antibes, France

1985-1987 worked with the French-Catalan sculptor Josep Castell in Perpignan, France.


Alongside his work as a visual Artist, Senterra studied philosophy and science of theatre at the University of Vienna. This influence is evident in his work and has added depth to his field of expression. Senterra  is also a published author, incorporates music into his work and his artworks are the basis for his live-video installations.

Since 1985 he has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA.

(f.e.: 1987 Kunstraum Klapperhof, Colon, Germany, 1989 Mairie de Clichy, France, 1994 Galerie Mots& Tableaux, Brussels, Belgium, 1996 Orlando Art Fair, USA, 1998 Austrian Trade Commission New York, 2002 Studio della Maschera d´Oro, Rome, Italy,2004 New Media Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2008 Espace St. Martin, Paris, 2008  Collection Fersko, New York, 2010/11 Galleria Arte&Cultura Locarno, Switzerland, 2013 Hotel 314, Cannes, France, 2016 Treasure Island, Miami, USA, 2017 Salon d'Art Contemporain Cannes/Mandelieu, Salon Golden Garden Beausoleil, France, 2018 Rogue Space, Chelsea, NY, USA, Private Viewing "Magic Patterns" Mouans Sartoux, France, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Cap Ferrat.

In 1996 Senterra represented Austria in the European Young Artists Award.

Senterra maintained Open Studios with exhibitions and live performances in Vienna (1999-2006), in Rome (2002-2003) in New York (2008), in Cannes (2012-20014), in Miami (2016-2017).


Senterra has lived  and worked in Austria, in France (1985-1987 Perpignan and 2010-2014 Cannes, 2017- Grasse), in Argentina (1992-1993 Buenos Aires), in Italy (2002-2003  Rome),  in USA (2007-2009  New York, 2016/17 Miami ).









Books: Yilo.Der Quell. 2011 

Theatre: Liebeswille. Art Performance with TrioVanBeethoven,    Vienna 2014


DreamMask 2015/16

Panta rhei - Trilogies 2017/18

Hommage à Jean Cocteau, Cap Ferrat 2018                         -




Currently based in the South of France and Vienna, Austria, Senterra works on his next series called "Magic Patterns" and includes his classical artwork in the latest videoproductions.


Publication of "Senterra´s Play Book" (12/18)